Zur Figur

“The figure”: a word that we often encounter in everyday life, even outside the visual arts. Everyone can be a figure, make or give a figure, but in any case one has a figure, preferably, of course, a “good”one. Even if the ideas about this have changed over the centuries, people have always tried to meet certain physical ideals. Since the beginning of mankind, the body has represented a border area between nature and culture, which is shaped, manipulated, and formed -either bypressing body parts into the desired form (e. g. corset) or by specific muscle training, diets, and/or cosmetic surgery. How fitting that the figure etymologically has its origin in the Latin ‘fingere’, which […]


»In his most recent series “Bubbles”, Robert Staudinger has been able to reproduce the phenomenal manifestations of an amorphous variety of forms deriving from staged randomness. At the same time, his photographic artworks are a symbiosis of extraordinary ideas for concepts, a mastery of his craft and painterly interventions on the computer screen.« »Robert Staudinger, the purist, perfectionist and critical individualist always also encapsulates social iniquities in his pictures and his subtly enigmatic aesthetic.« ZS ART GALERIE, Vienna 2018

Heaven and Hope

»In the series heaven and hope, Robert Staudinger directs his gaze to the indistinct horizon between the sea and the sky. In this way he simultaneously reveals our limited nature and that yearning for what lies beyond which derives from it. That which is outside our control always places us in a charged dichotomy between curiosity and impotence, between the inspiration of activity and the revels of surrender.«ZS ART GALERIE, Vienna 2016 »Water and sky – the essence of Robert Staudinger’s current heaven and hope series of photos can be encapsulated through these words. However, both the rolling of the sea and the horizon’s merging into the atmospheric ambiences of clouds are simultaneously objects of […]


»In order to arrive at something new, we have to repeatedly at least question and sometimes even destroy long-established solutions. This is an evolutionary principle that Robert Staudinger repeatedly pursues, further developing himself, growing beyond his present self. He has made this the conceptual content of his series Erasure. It is not the “path” that is the goal, but setting out into impassable terrain, mastering oneself.«Guido Zehetbauer Salzer,Vienna 2016 »Diversity is a crucial principle for evolution. 30 positions in contemporary art represent a small cross section of life’s endless diversity in the form of presentations of life. These 30 positions are personal representations, interpretations of society’s currents, yearnings or depths. The format of 30 x […]

Echte Wiener

»The pale green eyes of a young, androgynous-looking person with gently curving lips look directly into our face. No emotional agitation distorts this flawless countenance; no definable background provides information about the time and place of what is occurring or the identity of the depicted individual. Is it a young woman with her hair pulled back tightly or a man with unusually gentle facial features? It is not so easy to figure out, particularly because we are given no clues whatsoever through attributes like jewellery or clothing and the photographer has evidently deliberately incorporated readily apparent out-of-focus passages into the image. It is only at second glance and upon more detailed examination of this photographic […]


»Robert Staudinger’s faces of the serial “Maybe” are studies in movement. The quantity of all the moments of a gesture reduced to a single image condenses the entire dramatization of the moving, changing, facial expression, intensifying to a climax. Once again, Robert Staudinger directs our gaze to details which are overlaid one over another, become blurred, and in places break through in piercing sharpness. It is a symphony of facial topologies which flow into one another, eloquently articulate, which melt to become an amorphous, absurdly surreal, harmonious portrayal.«ZS ART GALERIE,Vienna 2013 Views of a Clown»The clown does not just stand for amusement, he is also a reflection of the powerlessness of the individual with whom […]

Instabile Körper

Instabile Körper – Unstable Bodies»In the cycle “Unstable Bodies”, Robert Staudinger captures the moment of a ten-thousandth of a second in which ten thousand particles converge. In this brief moment, countless tiny elements form imposing structures, to create a whole which, in the next tenthousandth of a second, will have vanished for ever. A freeze-frame of transience. Through our becoming aware of the mass that forms the basis of every magnificent scenario, the world reveals itself to us in all its detail; Being presents itself to us in its entirety as endlessly multi-faceted.« ZS ART GALERIE, Vienna 2013 »We all know Hermann Nitsch’s poured paintings. They are what remains of his ephemeral Mysteries Theatre. For […]


The hunted moment «Robert Staudinger’s series Trophy shows viewers how enriching the experience of nature in the form of a walk through the woods can be. Here this fertile soil becomes nourishment for the soul. The circular commemorative sketch, reduced almost to black and white, is provided with an object-like touch through the oversized lens. It is akin to a hunting trophy, but one prizing the good life and not a pleasure found in killing. The lens additionally permits an angle of view of almost 180 degrees.» Guido Zehetbauer Salzer » since my wife’s 50th birthday one of robert staudinger’s wonderful glass-lens photos has been gracing our wall, right next to the dining table, at […]

All you can

Is there any beauty in abundance?»These are portraits of our unrestrained mania for growth, and addiction to consumption enforced by the system. Robert Staudinger has photographic models stuff fast food into themselves, until their attractive faces become distorted into grotesque caricatures. The cheeks of the anonymous faces are filled to excess.The uncultured nature of excess not only does not suit us: it turns against us. By means of an over-sized magnifying glass in front of each portrait, the observer is confronted with a bulging image of greed, gluttony and excess in hyper-realistic sharpness. It is the ambivalence between the aesthetics and reflection of everyday “mortal sins” that fascinates us in Robert Staudinger’s facial landscapes.«ZS ART […]


theme and variation:»We become conscious of the subjective value of life through the potential duration of our lifetime. Thus old people experience life as relatively short, while it appears long to a teenager. In his series Space Robert Staudinger conveys a sense of transience and simultaneously of stasis in a penetrating manner: the patient breath of eternity amid ceaseless change. This series of photos draws a similarly distant sense of time out of young and old alike. In this way Staudinger is able to create a striking depiction of the ingredients of Being (space, time and energy).«Guido Zehetbauer Salzer »Robert Staudinger focuses on the clear signs of the decline of the human era and the […]


»Robert Staudinger thematises the clear signs of the decline of the human era and nature’s subsequent reconquering of civic spaces. A blessing for deserted, emptied-out spaces that recount their former life with an articulate silence. The traces of humanity are unhurriedly colonised by new organisms. Nature has time. Some day we will be history. With a precision free of all embellishment, Staudinger documents the peaceful calm and threateningly morbid aesthetic of this transitional phase.«ZS ART GALERIE,Vienna 2012 » In non-places once filled with abundant life – in crumbling temples of consumerism, burned-out night- clubs, deserted factory halls – Staudinger displays a merciless sense of urgency as he depicts these spaces that have now been emptied […]


Hyperreal facial landscapes:»In this series Robert Staudinger concentrates on surfaces, the enticing wrappings which we perceive as Being, while we forget what lies behind them –whether out of fascination with the diversity of appearances or simply because of a lack of time for the effort of becoming involved. His precise and hyperreal facial landscapes, which are provided with a synthetic new unreality on the computer, appear to come from a different world: beautiful, monumental, distant. They are intentionally not characteristic images, but meticulously anonymised facades. Staudinger sends his viewers on an expedition into the microscopic world of flawlessly shining regularities, where no pore, no little hair, no gleam has been left to chance. When looked […]

Zwischen den Nadeln

»The ant hill becomes a metaphor for the unknown, that which is invisible in the forest, labouring about by the millions among the countless needles at our feet. We can’t see the ants for all the ants and needles; we can’t grasp the dimensions in the microcosm of the forest floor for all the information. And the vastness of that interwoven cathedral of trees which we obviously associate with the forest appears just as incomprehensible to us as people. At the same time, we like to forget how very dependent the trees actually are on the nourishing industriousness of this small scale.« Guido Zehetbauer Salzer, Vienna 2011 »Robert Staudinger comments in his own inimitable way […]