Robert Staudinger has for decades been a multiple award-winning driving force in the avant-garde of advertising photography. The astonishing freshness of his work, which has endured over such a large time span, is based on his inquisitive striving towards ever new possibilities within photography. This explains why, in addition to his extensive work in advertising, time and again Robert Staudinger has undertaken photographic expeditions into the realm of photographic art, venturing beyond
the commercially motivated targeted, suggestive visualization. Delighting in experimentation, he seeks out the risk of failure, constantly challenging his routine anew, which proves to be fertile ground for art in the dense genre of photography. For where, in the age of a digital documentation technology that is readily mastered by anyone, can the professional distinguish himself from the talented, committed amateur? Do we not all have access to a technology that allows endless attempts, from which a judicious selection often yields a select range of successful subjects? Robert Staudinger shows what can be achieved far beyond this. He continually finds other, untrodden paths that lead to the limits of the possible, in order to fascinate himself and us with overpowering mastery that provokes chance in a controlled way.
Robert Staudinger’s works are never simply a portrayal
of a situation or an object: rather, they are concepts that interpret and symbolize life in detail. Meticulously staged excerpts explore the wealth of structures, shapes, symbioses of a gigantic universe. The superabundance
of the microcosm confronts us and overtaxes us with inconceivable richness as soon as we turn our concentrated attention to it, zoom in on it. Robert Staudinger’s carefully arranged, meticulously revised, purged photographic works are the over-extravagant concentration of diversity.

Guido Zehetbauer Salzer

Selected solo exhibitions and group exhibitions

2021 luxembourg art week – the fair, Luxemburg
2021 bubbles ecoart gallery, palais niederösterreich, vienna
2020 Figural, group exhibition, zs art gallery, Vienna
2020 Zselection, group exhibition, zs art gallery, Vienna
2019 Kopf-Variationen, zs art gallery, Vienna
2018 Illusionen des Augenblicks, zs art gallery, Vienna
2017 EXPRESSIONS, Mensch + Natur / Harmonie + Konflikt, Vienna
2016 Das Verborgene im Augenscheinlichen, zs art gallery, Vienna
2016 POSITIONS BERLIN (ZS art gallery) Art Fair, Berlin / D
2016 EXPRESSIONS, Mensch + Natur / Harmonie + Konflikt, Zingst / D
2016 30x30x30, group exhibition, zs art gallery, Vienna
2015 Vienna Media Art Festival – Elmar, aspern Seestadt, Vienna 
2015 ViennaPerspectives, ZS art gallery, Vienna
2014 International Festival of Recycle Art of Catalonia, CCCB, Barcelona /ES
2014 5 years zs art gallery, ZS art gallery, Vienna
2013 CONTENT ART – iSphere, Karlsplatz, Vienna
2013 Instabile Körper, ZS art gallery, Vienna
2013 Kunst zum Wald, group exhibition, Kleinzell / A 
2013 Art Salzburg 2013, (ZS art gallery), Salzburg / A
2013 Art Austria 2013, (ZS art gallery), Vienna
2012/2013 AusZeit, with Jean-Paul Dumas-Grillet and Christian Zürn, ZS art gallery, Vienna
2011/2012 zeit-zeugen, group-exhibition, Künstlerhaus, Vienna
2011 Jahr des Waldes, group-exhibition, Stift Klosterneuburg / A
2011 Viennafair 2011, (ZS art gallery), Vienna
2011 Jahr des Waldes, group-exhibition, Landesmuseum NÖ / A
2011 Jahr des Waldes, group-exhibition, ZS art gallery, Vienna
2010 Kontraste, eyes-on group-exhibition, ZS art gallery, Vienna
2002 art bits, group-exhibition, Semper Depot, Vienna
2001 Eyewear, Future Garden, Vienna
1990 Sofortbilder, Z-Galerie, Vienna
1987 Competition exhibition, Trakl-Haus, Salzburg / A